Formula 24 (F24i) Intermediate


Formula 24 (F24i) Intermediate


Formula 24 (F24) Intermediate is the challenge for 14 to 24-year-old Secondary school students and is ideal for secondary schools, youth groups, and engineering clubs. This is the kind of project that inspires young people to take a role in hands-on engineering projects to build mechanical, electrical, and aerodynamic skills.

The project is ideally suited for teaching STEM subjects and gives students exposure to engineering and technology fields such as automotive design, aerodynamics, electronics, the strength of materials, and fabrication.

  • F24 Intermediate: Ages 14-17 (Secondary School)
  • F24 Advanced: Ages 18-24 (Colleges, Universities and Corporate Teams)
  • Design, build and race efficient cars
  • Directs students to engineer and technology careers
  • Provides access to computer-aided (CAD) design and engineering tools