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GreenpowerSG presents the Greenpower Electric Car Challenge, which is a project-based Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning initiative for broad levels of education. We leverage the excitement of Motorsports to enhance teaching and learning of STEM-based subject matter and learning objectives.

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Limited natural resources and environmental pollution are significant issues today. An electric car project would be extremely interesting and practical in the near future, as a sustainable, environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Through this initiative, GreenpowerSG is helping to address the engineering skills gap and provides an avenue to practice all that we learned in the classroom.

Formula 24 (F24i) Intermediate

Furthermore, we supply age-appropriate Kit Cars, which can be built in schools, colleges or other tertiary institutions for racing at Motorsports venues. Students are in the driver’s seat to build the car from concept to reality as a small team.


GreenpowerSG provides an excellent platform for students to learn about Motorsports and have fun with cars.  You get to interact with like-minded individuals from all over the world, bond over the excitement that Motorsports brings, and share new techniques, perspectives and methods of solving challenges associated with electric cars.

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